New Year, New Floors

At Flack’s Flooring, we firmly believe that resolving to live in a more beautiful home should be a more common New Year’s Resolution. The better you feel about your surroundings, the better you feel overall! This year, enhance your home with new, on-trend floors! We like to keep a close watch on interior design trends and here’s what we’ve found so far in terms of 2015 carpet and flooring trends!

Rich Marsala-Colored Carpet

Pantone, a global authority on color and design, has declared the Color of the Year for 2015 to be Marsala, a dramatic red shade with a healthy dash of luxury. Marsala is a style of wine from Sicily. While colored carpet certainly isn’t for everyone, we think carpets dyed with the warm pink tones of marsala wine truly reflect the rustic charm of the Mediterranean lands in which the vintage is made. This tasteful, vino-inspired hue embodies versatility and organic sophistication. A marsala carpet could encourage anybody to get more creative with their interiors! The color is neither strictly masculine nor overly feminine. It’s spicy and earthy without being too orange like the brick red carpets of yesteryear.

Cool Gray Carpet

Gray carpet looks cool and its popularity in the 2010s has been hot, hot, hot. From what we can tell, the gray carpet takeover is not going to slow down in the least during the New Year. Gray offers a stylish alternative to the once-popular beige styles that aren’t so en vogue today. Like its beige and taupe predecessors, it’s still neutral and low-maintenance.

Vintage Florals

From what we can tell, this trend applies to much more than carpet. Floral sofas and garden accessories are both being touted as great spring decorating ideas. We think transferring the botanical themes to flooring is a fabulous interpretation of these ideas. A carpet with a subtle pattern adds fantastic texture to any room. We think floral textured carpets fit especially well in cozy basements and elegant bedrooms.

Dark Hardwood

Since the explosion of eco-friendly bamboo hardwood onto the flooring scene, lighter woods have been more favored than ever before. Traditional dark wood floors were put on the “back burner” in the design world… until now! Rich dark woods are once again considered a desirable flooring style for both formal and casual rooms. With lots of engineered wood and LVT options, the dark hardwood look is also much more affordable than it’s been in the past.