Who Is Abba House?

In addition to being a leader in the flooring industry, we also like to take the time to use our skills to give back.  Just recently, we had the opportunity to work with Abba House, a local charity as they opened a new location in Forsyth, Georgia.


What is Abba House, you might be asking?  Abba House is best summed up from this blurb on their website:  “At Abba House, our ministries are focused on “helping broken women be made whole” by helping them break free from addiction and abuse. Our Christ-centered ministry allows women to first reconcile to God, and then to their families.”  Founded in 1992 by Jim and Chris Sharp, Abba House is a Christian based charity that concentrates on women and their debilitating circumstances to aid in their road to recovery by providing a safe haven and showing them the light.  Abba House has multiple undisclosed locations (for the safety of the residents) and continues to grow at a rapid rate.  As we mentioned above, the Forsyth, GA location is the newest addition to Abba House family.


Flacks Flooring was thrilled to hold a small part in the development of the new location by being the sole provider of all the carpet and installation for the girls house.  Flacks Flooring owner, Brad Flack noted, “It was our pleasure to assist in providing flooring for the girls house in Forsyth, Georgia.  It brings us great joy to be a small part of the rehabilitation and spiritual journey of each of these women and children.”  Abba House was very gracious for the donation and expressed that any and all donations to any locations directly benefit the women and children of the shelter.


We detail this donation here on our blog to encourage you to get involved.  Donate your time, talents, gifts and services to make your community a better place.  Get involved in a worthy cause that speaks to your heart.  We were able to donate flooring, because flooring is our business and it was a need of Abba House.  Each one of us has special gifts and unique talents, use them for the better good.


For additional information about Abba House and their mission, visit www.abbahouse.org.