Five Ways to Extend Your Carpet’s Life

Even after getting a great deal on new carpet like you can here at Flack’s, it’s reasonable to want your investment to last and look good for many years. The average “lifespan” of any carpet is about 10 years for most rooms and less for high traffic zones. But there are some techniques used by carpet pros and savvy investors alike to keep carpets looking clean and fresh. Implement these tips and follow a strict maintenance schedule and you might just add an extra year or two to the life of your carpet.

  1. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.

The first step to prolong the life of lush carpets is to dry vacuum at least once a week. Consistent vacuuming is the best way to remove 80 to 95% of dry soils (dust, dirt, clay, gravel, leafs and animal fibers) from your carpet. It is important to remove particle soils before they sift downward into the pile and become a lot harder to get out. Vacuuming with a high quality vacuum with a lot of suction ensures that you’ll get real results. The effectiveness of your vacuum also determines whether or not allergens and dirt particles are being redistributed in the air so use a good one!

  1. Clean spots quickly.

Removing stains as soon as possible will preserve the appearance of fluffy, unsullied carpet. When dealing with a liquid spill, blotting – not scrubbing – with a towel will help remove much of the spill. For removing colored liquids, a special cleaning solution may also be needed. Stain-resistant carpet may be a good option for your home if you foresee lots of spills in your future.

  1. Hire a professional once a year.

Annual or “interim” carpet cleaning by a pro is one of the best ways to extend the life of your investment. Dry vacuuming removes a large percentage of soils, but not all. Some soils and particles are stickier and remain in the carpet fibers after vacuuming. The equipment used by professional carpet cleaners removes the grit and grime household vacuums leave behind. In those early years of carpet ownership, don’t make the mistake of waiting for your carpets to appear dirty before hiring a cleaner. Have them cleaned even while they’re still pretty to keep them that way.

  1. Use rugs and runners.

To add style to your home and protect your carpets all at the same time by placing runners in long hallways and rugs in carpeted common rooms. It’s a lot easier to replace a floor rug than to redo all your carpeting.

  1. Ban bare feet and dirty shoes.

It’s a common refrain – reframe from wearing shoes indoors to avoid tracking in outside dirt as much as possible. Unbeknownst to many, bare feet can also have adverse effects. The oils from bare feet can attract dirt and cause matting. So it turns out socks and slippers aren’t just super comfortable – they’re great for keeping carpets clean too!