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Environmentally-friendly EcoChoice Flooring now available at Flacks Flooring.


Atlanta, GA — 01/30/13  Flacks Flooring today announced that the residents, interior designers and builders of Atlanta, Georgia will now have access to a phenomenal new collection of recyclable carpet called EcoChoice® Flooring for residential and commercial use.

“We are pleased to announce that Flacks Flooring is now offering a carpet that can be recycled into new carpet. For over20 years, we have been a leading retailer of fine floor coverings in Atlanta, GA and we believe it is now our responsibility to become a leader in offering environmentally friendly and sustainable flooring products,” said Brad Flack. “It is our hope that through the EcoChoice® program, our customers will have a better understanding of the ways we affect the environment we live in and realize that environmental stewardship is an attainable goal.”

At the heart of the residential program are EcoChoice® carpets, a group of texture, frieze and pattern options. They are made with Anso Caress® Type 6 Nylon, contain recycled carpet content and can also be recycled over and over again into new carpet. These carpets can contribute significantly less waste to landfills and can have less of an effect on the environment. “We feel most Americans share a common concern regarding the quality of our environment for future generations, but many don’t know what they can do today to help. EcoChoice® gives them a place to start,” added Brad Flack.

As an additional benefit to the environment,  Flacks Flooring chose to partner with the     National Arbor Day Foundation as part of their EcoChoice® program. For each qualifying purchase of EcoChoice® Flooring products,  Flacks Flooring will make a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation to support two of its programs: reforestation of America’s national forests and Rain Forest Rescue®. Each dollar contributed will either plant one seedling tree in a national forest that has been damaged by fire, insects, or other natural causes, or it will preserve 250 square feet of rain forest land in Central and South America. Read more at

“Our EcoChoice® program allows consumers to choose products that meet their personal sustainable and green preferences,” said Brad. “These products lead the industry in sustainability and are made by manufacturers that show a commitment to environmental responsibility,” Brad added.

“We recognize we need to play a significant role in protecting our environment. Our policy is to minimize our impact on the environment and to encourage our staff to implement these policies not only in our store, but at their homes and in the community as well.  simply turning off the lights when we leave a room, replacing our light bulbs with compact fluorescents, which use at least 2/3 less energy than standard bulbs and last up to 10 times longer, scheduling our deliveries and installations more efficiently, recycling and using less paper in the office,” stated Brad.

“We at  Flacks Flooring would like to invite everyone who wants to make a commitment to the environment and to our community to come visit our showroom where we can explain in detail how our EcoChoice® program can make a difference,” said Brad.

Flacks Flooring – Cumming opened in 1993 in the Old Matt Schoolhouse on Bannister Rd. At the time we sold new and used carpets. Contractors and rental property owners soon found us to be a great source for carpet, whether it was for one room or a whole house.

Throughout the 90s we continued to add products that we stocked, like vinyl, hardwoods, and laminate floors. In addition to stocking these products, we were also expanding our installer network to be able to install these  products.

During this time of expansion, customers found Flacks Flooring – Cumming a great resource for new flooring and installation for not only rental properties but also their primary residence.

In 2001, Flacks Flooring – Cumming moved from the Old Matt Schoolhouse to our current location on Ga. Hwy 400. This allowed us to expand our inventory and services. At the time we moved into our new location, our buying power was to the point that we could purchase new carpet close to the price of used. At that point we discontinued selling used carpet and focused on new carpet, vinyl, hardwoods and laminate floors.

Flacks Flooring – Cumming’s growth has always been about changing and adapting to our customer’s needs. One thing, however, will never change. We value every customer, and you’ll know it the minute you walk in the door.

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