Why Spring Is the Best Time to Install or Replace Your Hardwood Flooring

Warm weather and bright sunshine can inspire a variety of garden and landscaping projects, but your home’s interior could use a little sprucing up as well. One item at the top of many home improvement lists is hardwood flooring. Whether you are looking to make your home more comfortable for yourself or make it more attractive to potential buyers, here are a few reasons why spring is the best time to install or replace your hardwood flooring.

Wood Acclimation

Before they can be installed properly, flooring of all types must become acclimated to the environment in which they will be installed. This is especially applicable to highly porous wood flooring. Winter weather can dry out the wood, leading to shrinking, pulling apart, or cracking; but hot, humid summer weather could swell and then dry out the wood. Spring’s mild temperatures and low humidity levels offer the best chance of proper acclimation and a problem-free installation.

Fresh Air / Ventilation

Flooring installation means odors, dust, and fumes will be emitted by sealers, stains, adhesives, and adhesive removers. The warm temperatures of spring allow you to comfortably leave your doors and windowsopenfor fresh air and proper ventilation while your floors are being installed.

Lower Energy Bill

There will likely be a lot of opening and closing of doors as flooring, supplies, and tools make their way in and out of your home during the installation process. You may even be keeping several doors and windows open while installation is in progress. This could cause sky high energy bills if your were running your heat in the winter of A/C in the summer. Spring temperatures mean lots of door openings and closings will probably not affect your energy bill too dramatically.

Trust Flack’s

Ultimately, you will want to have your new hardwood flooring installed when it is most convenient to you. However, some times of the year are much better for successfully installing a hardwood floor than others. By capitalizing on the mild spring weather and trusting Flacks Flooring, you can take advantage of all the factors that lead to a successful installation. Our professional installers are highly trained and equipped with specialized tools to make your hardwood flooring installation as efficient as possible. Plus, they have experience with every possible type of installation challenge. You will not only be pleased with your new flooring, but also our installers’ respect for your home and impeccable customer service. Call or stop by our showroom today!