Solid Wood VS Engineered Wood

When beginning the hunt for new flooring, it is very easy to be quickly overwhelmed by the seemingly endless options. Here we hope to provide you with a short abbreviation of todays most sought after types of hardwood flooring.

The two main types of “hardwood” flooring options are Solid Wood Hardwoods and Engineered Wood Hardwoods.

Let’s start with Solid Wood Hardwoods. They are exactly as their name suggests, solid wood boards that are comprised of 100% solid wood throughout. The individual planks can vary in thickness as well as width. The range typically varies between 18-20 mm in thickness. Solid hardwood boards are connected using a tongue and groove interlocking system. Installation can be time consuming and needs to be done with care by a professional to eliminate potential problems down the road. Solid hardwoods are highly susceptive to expanding due to moisture and contract due to dryness. Temperatures also play a determining factor of solid wood floors expanding and contracting. An attractive benefit of solid hardwood flooring is that they can be sanded and refinished over and over as needed. They do require more upkeep, but if well maintained they will uphold their value.

Engineered Hardwoods are the other option when it comes to hardwood flooring. While Engineered Hardwoods are made up of real hardwood, there are many layers of laminated wood put together in a cross-ply construction. It is this cross-ply construction that makes Engineered Hardwoods desirable because the planks will expand and contract due to moisture and temperature much less than Solid Hardwoods. Another bonus is that Engineered Hardwoods can be used where Solid Hardwoods are not recommended such as a bathroom or laundry room. While these hardwoods are comprised of many layers of laminated hardwood, the top layer is usually a high quality wood. Be sure to ask if the Engineered Wood planks that you choose can be sanded and refinished – some of them can! Please note that you will only be able to do this a limited number of times if this is an option for your Engineered Hardwoods. As expected, Engineered Hardwoods are much more cost effective than Solid Wood.

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