Renting? Awkward-Shaped Room? High-Traffic Area? Consider Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles provide the appearance of a carpet with the flexibility of interchangeable pieces. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, they can easily be fitted and replaced. They offer an assortment of design options and are extremely easy to clean and maintain. The performance and durability of carpet tiles exceeds their price and your investment can be reused, repositioned, and replaced at your convenience for years to come.

Fitting and Installation

Fitting a space for a single piece of carpet requires specific skill and dexterity, meaning a call to a professional. Carpet tiles, however, are easy to install over almost any smooth surface and can be done by any DIY enthusiast. Easy to carry and maneuver in a space, you can easily adjust the size and shape of a carpet tile for a particular area. No matter how complex your room’s layout is, carpet tiles can be cut to exactly fit the area.

Unlimited Design Flexibility

Colors, patterns, and textures can be mixed to your own personal taste. If you tire of the layout, simply interchange a few (or all) of the tiles to create a new look. If you are moving, simply take your floor with you to your new home. Change your carpet’s look with the seasons or even your moods.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Vacuum as you would a whole room piece of carpet to combat regular dust, dirt, and debris and occasional use of a regular carpet shampoo will keep your tiles looking their best. If an area gets especially messy, cleaning carpet tiles is so much easier than a fully installed carpet. Some mud got tracked in? Clean the tile on the floor or in the sink. A stubborn stain won’t come out? Replace a single tile. This convenience saves you from hiring a carpet cleaning service throughout the year.


Much cheaper than a single-piece carpet laid and fitted by professional carpet installers, DIY carpet tiles are extremely budget friendly. They also produce less waste than a single-piece carpet due to their ability to be cut to fit a uniquely shaped room. Their strong backing eliminates the need for additional costs, such as an underlay, adhesives, or nails. Damaged carpet tiles can be replaced individually versus an entire carpet, saving you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars.

Performance and Durability

Engineered to be tough and have a long performance life, carpet tiles last longer than traditional, single carpets. They are extremely durable and can withstand constant wear and tear. They can be repurposed into another room with minimal cost, continuing their life cycle and return on initial investment.

Flack’s Floorings has a wide selection of carpet tiles suitable to any need. Come into our showroom today and see if carpet tiles will work for a space in your home.