Product Spotlight: Phenix Carpet with Microban

Bacteria can live in all areas of your home, from suspected areas like your kitchen sink to unsuspected areas like your flooring. In order to maintain a healthy, clean, and happy home, Phenix Flooring has developed the only carpet with built-in Microban antimicrobial technology. 


What is Microban?


Microban technology protects against mold, mildew, and bacteria that causes stains, odors, and product decay. By inserting the antimicrobial protection into the product during the manufacturing process, all bacteria that comes in contact will cease growing and spreading. Microban essentially penetrates the cell wall of the organism and disrupts its cell function. It continuously fights dangerous microbes, making your home fresher and cleaner than ever. 


Why do we need it in our carpet?


Even if you rigorously and diligently clean the floors in your home, bacteria can spread rapidly and double in just 20 minutes. Not all cleaners and solutions are equipped to deal with this issue, and as a result, your home may develop an odor and your health may be affected. The Microban technology also helps prevent stains caused by spills and pets, while still providing that luxurious look and feel of a high-end carpet. 


What can Phenix offer you?


Phenix Flooring’s Microban carpet comes with lifetime protection against the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria or mold. The technology has been tested on a wide range of household items, medical supplies, and even military gear, proving its safety and ensuring its ability to fight microbes. In terms of style, Phenix has developed several colors and patterns suitable for different tastes. 


To view the Cleaner Home Carpet Collection and learn more about Microban, consider visiting Flack’s Flooring. We feature their complete collection in our main showroom, including Modern Contours, a high-end luxury collection with a fresh look that has the protection of Microban technology. If you have any further questions about the product visit the Phenix Flooring website or give the store a call today. 


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