New Carpet Preparation

The month of November brings the official beginning of the holiday season.  Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas to name a few.  The holidays are right around the corner and your family and friends will be arriving before you know it!  At the top of my preparation check-list is to replace my embarrassing flooring and it just might be at the top of yours if your carpets look as dingy and helpless as mine.  In a previous post, we reviewed some of the most frequent reasons to replace your flooring, some of which included:

  • Inability for a professional carpet cleaner to remove dirt and grime.
  • Wear patterns in high traffic areas.
  • Rips or tears in you existing carpet.
  • “Flattened” carpet that does not bounce back when vacuumed or professionally cleaned.
  • Pet stains that have left an odor permeating throughout your house.

Those are just a few of the highlights of the most common responses when a consumer is asked why are they looking to replace their current flooring.


What do you need to do to ensure that you are prepared and there are no surprises when it comes to installation, let’s go through a quick guideline of what to know and do…

  • You have picked out your carpet and you are getting set for the install.  First thing is to make sure that you have scheduled your installation with a professional.  When it comes to the best ways to hide seams and sketch out the game plan of the project – the professionals know all the tricks of the trade to garner the most desirable results.
  • Move all furniture from the rooms to be carpeted.  Don’t forget to clean out the floors of closets, remove breakable items for drawers or cabinets, and go ahead and vacuum the newly cleared area to help aid with the cleanup of the carpet removal.  Some companies will allow you to eliminate this step of moving your own furniture, but expect an added line item on your bill!
  • On the topic of carpet removal, make sure that your installer will be hauling the old carpet away as a part of your installation package.  If you are doing the installation yourself, line up a portable dumpster service for big projects or sweet talk a neighbor into borrowing their truck to take the old carpet to the dump.
  • On the day of installation, for the safety of your loved ones, make appropriate arrangements for your children and pets.  With products and equipment moving in and out of your home, there is no need to add an additional hurdle.


Getting to the point where you are ready for installation is an exciting time.  From here it will not be long till you are enjoying your new flooring.  If you have any questions along the way, we are here to help!  Feel free to give us a call at Flacks Flooring with any of your preparation questions.  We look forward to getting to this point with you and sharing in your excitement!