We Love Luxury Vinyl

Last year, we named luxury vinyl tile one of the hot floor trends for 2013. The popularity and versatility of vinyl is only on the rise.

Over the years, the quality of vinyl floors has sky-rocketed. Vinyl used to appear in only a few different styles and those styles were really not that appealing. Luxury vinyl now comes in many ceramic, slate and hardwood styles and in luxury vinyl tiles or LVTs. Improved printing technology has made it so that the vinyl version of a wood or stone floor is often all but indistinguishable from the real thing. They feel nice and cushy underfoot plus they’re affordable and easy to clean. It’s no wonder they’ve grown so popular. The wide variety of vinyl lets builders and remodelers pick whatever stylish design they desire and use it as part of their decor. Best of all, they allow you to get any kind of design at a very affordable price. Vinyl hardwood designs are an especially coveted option.

As you probably already know, real wood floors can be quite expensive and tend to require a lot of maintenance. They scuff, they stain and in time they can even warp and rot. The same goes for real stone tiles which can crack and leaves dirt-collecting grout exposed in your floor. This is why people, especially people with pets and young children, are looking for alternatives that can retain the beauty of wood and tile but are easy to maintain as well. At Flacks Flooring we carry all sorts of LVTs and traditional vinyl. These floor coverings are totally scratch proof and stain resistant. With vinyl, you can effortlessly still maintain the shine and beauty of your flooring, year after year.

Because genuine hard woods can rot if exposed to moisture, people don’t often use them in bathrooms and kitchens. Moisture does not affect vinyl wood floor tile that way so they can be installed in any part of your home. If you have always wanted wooden effect for your kitchen then you can get that by opting for vinyl. Plus, LVT is quite easy to install – the process only takes a few hours. Therefore, your home is not disrupted.

Vinyl flooring is apt for people who are worried about high remodeling charges or don’t want to worry about floor maintenance costs. When you opt for vinyl, there’s no longer any need to worry about moisture, scratches, dust or stain. With vinyl tile, cleaning the floor is easy and finding exactly the floor you want for a price that you can make work is much easier than you ever thought it would be. Come on by and get a sample!