Learn About the Different Carpet Styles

When shopping for carpet sometimes it can become overwhelming all the different types of styles.  Flacks Flooring has come up with this guide to help you when choosing carpet for your home or space.


Cable Carpet

Cable carpet is made of nubby, chunky yarns.  It has great performance and is luxurious and soft. 


Frieze carpet is where the fibers are twisted tightly and it provides an informal look.  It reduces impressions on the carpet like footprints and vacuum marks.


Loop carpet is a casual look.  It is well suited for areas in your home that receive a lot of traffic (kids room, etc).

Pattern Carpet

Pattern carpet is great for any home interior space.  It is bold and adds a lot of style.


Saxony carpet has a smooth level finish.  It is a more formal look.


Probably the most popular type of carpet.  It has a soft feel and is perfect for casual areas.  It holds up well to high traffic areas.