Is It Time for New Carpet?

One of the most frequently asked questions in the flooring industry has to be,  “How do I know when it’s time to replace my carpet?”  There are many subjective answers to this loaded question.  When it comes down to it, some are need based and some are based on wants.  Over the years, we have seen carpet that has been worn down to the padding (or what’s left of it) due to high volume walking traffic as well as carpet that was simply stained and an eye sore in the minds of the owner.  Each situation constituted a want or need fulfillment to replace their carpet.  Below are a couple thoughts to consider to make the decision on if it’s the right time for you and your family or company to replace your existing carpet.

Is your carpet in need of a good, heavy-duty, professional steam cleaning or is there no hope…  Many customers tell us that they have invested both the time and energy to have their existing carpets professionally cleaned only to find that there was little or no change in the appearance of their flooring after the work was completed.  Carpet cleaning, if the carpet is still in good condition should make the carpets look close to new.  If you have a carpet with any length to it, wear patterns from high traffic walking areas should be brought to life.  If this is not the case, it is time to look into replacing both your carpet and padding.  On the same topic of carpet cleaning, if your carpet contains permanent stains that cannot be lifted by a professional crew, it might also be time to look at investing in new carpet.  We have found that a number of customers look into replacement carpet at this time to keep the aesthetics of their home or office looking clean.

Does the blue shag existing carpet in your home make a statement that you are not trying to make?  Does your flooring clash with your décor?  It sounds like it’s time to update your carpet.  More often that not, we find that people begin their search for new carpeting to fulfill a want to update the look or style of their home or office.  The “want” to install new carpet can be just as important as the “need” to replace your carpet.  In some cases, this may even be a more cost-efficient way to update your flooring.  It may not be necessary to replace the padding if the carpet and padding is still in good condition.  Please make sure you have this checked by a professional before making the decision to skip the padding replacement.  If you do not have proper padding, then the life of the carpet is dramatically reduced.

Last but not least, it could all come down to the grade and current lifespan of years of your current carpet that would be a big factor on if it’s time to replace.  In the industry we have seen carpet that has lasted 20 years and counting as well as carpet that has only had a lifespan of 2 years.  It all comes down to the quality and durability versus the care and upkeep.  Builders grade carpet is known to only last approximately 5 years with proper care.  A top quality carpet and padding can hold its beauty and value for possibly over two decades!

The choice is yours.  There is no standard test or timeline on when to replace existing carpet.  It all comes down to personal “wants” and “needs”.  Our locally owned flooring warehouse is available to assist you in any way that we are able.  Please contact Flack’s Flooring at 770.889.9753 for all of your carpeting needs!