Help! My carpet is FRAYING!!!

We’ve all been there… had that pesky area on your carpet that has been worn or mysteriously damaged by the dog or kids and it is now fraying.  What do you do now?  Does that mean you have to invest in a new house of carpet?  Is there a way that it can be fixed or at the very least prevented from further fraying?  These are all excellent questions that we hear more often than not.  Below, you will find some solutions and options to assist in resolving the pesky problem of carpet fraying.


New Carpet


The first thing that you need to evaluate and assess is how big is frayed or damaged area.  Then take a look around and see if it might be more beneficial to replace your carpeting or trying to repair a large damaged area.  If you come to the conclusion that new carpet is the way to go, come see us at Flacks Flooring and we will help you find a replacement carpet that fits both your needs and budget.


Scissor and Glue Magic


If it is a small area that is causing a fraying problem, it might be an easy fix.  Start by getting down on the ground and assessing the root of the problem.  Many times, you will be able to carefully snip away a frayed edge and no one will ever know!  Use your judgment here when you are taking on this project yourself.  If needed, consult a professional.  Once you have cut the damaged area back, use a non-water-based glue to reattach any loose ends.  This can be done with a standard hot glue gun.


Closet Carpet Relocation


If you have a large damaged area and you are not ready or willing to replace the carpet throughout your home, consult a professional and consider relocating a piece of carpet from a closet in place of the unsightly damaged spot.  This could be a possible affordable solution.


Do you have additional questions?  Need to consult a professional?  Flacks Flooring is here to help!  Our conveniently located showroom is just north of Metro Atlanta.  Come by and see us today!