Healthier Choice Memory Foam Padding

Healthier Choice Memory Foam Carpet Cushion is quite possibly the world’s best carpet cushion when it comes to safety and comfort. This particular brand of padding delivers luxurious comfort, safety and sustainability all in a high quality, durable cushion that makes carpet look better and last longer. Healthier Choice offers a full feature set including protection against mold, mildew, and bacterial growth, a breathable moisture barrier, low emission GREENGUARD Gold Certification and sustainable materials for high performance and enhanced durability. This universal padding can be used under all carpet types.

Soft yet Strong

The dense, micro-cellular structure acts like millions of tiny shock absorbers cushioning every step. In a simulated wear test, Healthier Choice Cushion out performed its competitors in resiliency. All of the products performed well on day one, but through extended use the rubber and rebond padding products began to fatigue, allowing high pressure points to develop. When padding breaks down your carpet will begin to wear prematurely, resulting in the loss of your total flooring investment. Healthier Choice Cushion is warranted to maintain 90% of its original thickness for the life of the installation, allowing your carpet to look newer and last longer. Finally, a carpet cushion guaranteed to outlast the carpet!

No Harmful Odors

You can breathe easier knowing that Healthier Choice Cushion is safe for the environment in your home and the environment outside. It is the only carpet cushion to be awarded a GREENGUARD® Gold Certification for indoor air quality as an extremely low volatile organic compound (VOC) emitting product. Greenguard certification gives you the assurance that the product meets strict chemical emissions limits and contributes to the development of healthier interior spaces. This is especially beneficial for families with allergies and asthma problems that can be aggravated by toxic VOC odors.

Healthier Choice Cushion is also certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute under the CRI Green Label program. This program is specifically designed to test for VOCs in cushion used under carpet and aids carpet manufacturers, installers and end users in the identification and utilization of a low-emission cushion.

Breathable Moisture Barrier

This padding is spill proof and easy to maintain too. Healthier Choice Cushion’s revolutionary Breathable Moisture Barrier makes cleanup a breeze by keeping liquid spills from penetrating down into the cushion and reaching the subfloor. This allows for easy and effective cleanup, great for any family with children or pets. If moisture were to reach the subfloor, the proprietary barrier is breathable enough to allow moisture vapor to escape up through the cushion and keep the subfloor dry.