Hardwoods for the Holidays!

To ensure that you have fabulous floors in your home this holiday season, just knock on wood! Nothing rivals the way wood warm ups a room, the timeless look it creates or the durability it proves to maintain through the years. We may be known for our carpets but these qualities make hardwoods one of our favorite flooring options here at Flacks. All our customers can see that we have great deals on carpet and carpet tile… What they don’t always realize (and should keep in mind this holiday season) is that our prices on solid wood, click-lock hardwood, laminate hardwood and bamboo floors are also pretty hard to beat!

Choosing a Style

Whether you’re installing a floor in a newly constructed house or replacing flooring that’s damaged beyond repair, there are going to be lots of aesthetic and practical factors to consider. It’s more than a matter of choosing a stain. You’ll have to look at different species, different grains, various board widths and, of course, different price points. There are dozens of species of wood to pick from including trusty domestics such as oak and maple and intriguing exotics such as tamarind and acacia. In terms of board widths, wide planks tend to create a more rustic look whereas narrow strips deliver a more traditional message. The tree species you choose can sometimes affect which widths are available but in general, the possibilities will be numerous. Finishes and stain colors allow you to tailor your floors to your house’s style and decor.

Thanks to modern adhesives, a wide variety of species are available as “engineered” boards made from several layers of veneers rather than solid stock. Engineered floors can go places where it wasn’t practical to install wood before like atop heated floors, concrete subflooring and in basements.

Hardwoods vs. Carpets

Benefits of hardwood floors include enhanced beauty when compared to plain carpets and increased comfort compared to tile and concrete. In addition to these intangible benefits, there are also some clear “real world” advantages to installing hardwoods. For example, properly installed hardwood floors, especially solid hardwood floors, almost always increase a home’s resale value. As long as they’re well cared for, they can be quite the selling point. Unlike carpet, damaged wood can be sanded and refinished rather than replaced as long as it hasn’t warped. Last but not least, wood doesn’t collect as much dust and allergens as thick carpets might. It won’t be dirtied or damaged easily which makes it perfect for the chaos of the Christmas season. Come shop our hardwood stock sometime soon!