Hardwood Floor Trends for 2016

Flooring trends are affected by furniture and paint color trends as well as lifestyle interests. From plank size to eco-friendly characteristics, here are some trends to look for 2016.

Domestic Hardwoods

A shift toward domestic hardwoods has come about due to their environmental friendliness. The abundance of resources, desire to support local companies, and lack of shipping costs, has increased the desire for domestic species, such as oak, maple or hickory.

Reclaimed Hardwood Floors

Eco-friendly reclaimed wood floors recycle wood from old structures such as homes or barns. This type of flooring provides a unique look to any room and an interesting historical element to any home. A matte hardwood floor coating works best with reclaimed wood planks to show the aged look of the wood.

Distressed Hardwood Floors 

Low-maintenance distressed floors provide visual interest with their scratches and stains. Easier on the budget than reclaimed wood, distressed hardwood floors also provide peace of mind in high traffic areas since life’s general wear and tear add to their charm. Most homeowners are choosing subtly distressed planks rather than heavily distressed planks to add character to their space.

Bamboo Floors

Technically a grass, bamboo floors are stronger and more durable than other hardwoods. Glued together to create solid strips, bamboo flooring takes wear and tear very well. Homeowners are drawn to this eco-friendly choice as much for the fact that it is a highly renewable resource, as for the neutral, clean, simple look it provides to a space.

Parquet Floors

Homeowners interested in specialized details are reviving the trend of wood floor patterns, such as herringbone, chevron parquet, medallions, inlays, and intricate borders to customize their space. These touches turn hardwood flooring into original artistic statements.

Light-Colored Hardwood Floors

The trend pendulum is swinging back from the dark wood floors of last year to lighter colored hardwoods. Homeowners’ preferences toward coastal, light, airy interiors have lead to an interest in lighter colored planks. In addition to brightening your space, light hardwood floors are an ideal choice for high-traffic areas since they hide dust and pet hair well. Some of the top choices are blonde wood tones such as oak, ash, and maple.

Gray Hardwood Floors

A new color option increasing in popularity is gray hardwood floors. This flooring color corresponds with the current trend of gray interior design (walls, furniture, upholstery.) Whether adding to an already gray interior or incorporating the trend into a room with the flooring color, gray hardwood floors are a new choice in neutrals.

Wider Planks

Plank width has been steadily increasing in the last few years, with the current common width exceeding the previous 5-inch standard. The increased width of the planks showcases the color and grain of the wood as well as make a room look bigger. Due to the fact that wider planks equates to fewer seams, debris is minimized between planks, keeping floors clean longer.