New Flooring for Back-to-School

With the couch potato days of summer over, the school year can take a surprising toll on a home’s floors. This year, be ready with new floors from Flack’s Flooring in Cumming! We have a huge selection of carpets, hardwoods and luxury vinyls that’ll hold up well against sports gear, homework sessions, after-school snacks and everything else that goes along with your busy fall schedule.

Comfy Carpet

If your kids like to sprawl out wherever they see fit as soon as they come through the door after a long school day, new carpets may be exactly what your home needs. Whether they’re playing a game, laying down with an assignment or working on a special project, a carpet that’s comfortable as well as stain-resistant ensures that they’ll stay on track and that you won’t be stressing out about possible school supply spills. Our StainMaster carpet collection is soft and cushiony and won’t be ruined by a little accidental spill.

Durable Hardwood

Hardwood may lack the comfort of carpet (nothing a nice area rug can’t fix!) but it makes up for that with long-lasting looks, relatively easy maintenance requirement and gorgeous style. If you’ve been considering ripping up your carpets and installing hardwood instead, no may be the perfect time to take the plunge before summer’s relaxed schedule ends. Carpets need frequent vacuuming and light-colored tiles must be swept and mopped more often than other floors to stay looking fresh. Hardwoods won’t need quite as much attention so when you’re busy getting your family through the school week, you won’t have to worry about blocking off some time to clean the floor. Our solid wood selection features several species and stains, all at low prices!

Versatile Vinyl

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a super affordable flooring solution available here at Flack’s. Unlike a lot of carpet, it doesn’t stain. So the hardworking students in your family can (more or less) draw, write and paint right on top of them. Unlike natural wood and stone, it can’t really scuff or crack. So when a hungry kid races to the fridge with his school shoes still on, it doesn’t show a thing. In terms of maintenance, LVTs couldn’t be more convenient. Best of all, these tiles imitate the appearance of solid wood flooring so much so that it’s sometimes hard to tell them apart from their hardwood counterparts. The style of natural floor with the durability and low-maintenance of a synthetic – LVTs let you have both.