Fall 2014 Carpet Design Trends

We always have our ear to the ground (or at least to the carpet) to pick up on all the latest flooring fads and design trends. This fall, we’ve identified four carpet-related trends – most of which we think will carry over into 2015! These carpet trends include textural designs, multicolor designs, vintage aesthetics and a tendency to put comfort over everything else.

Patterns and Textures

A combination of texture and pattern will always be popular because it minimizes soil and vacuum marks. The other advantage to layered textures and textural patterns is that they offer a distinct style. By using different lengths and shades of loops, cut loop surfaces and Berber surfaces, patterns can be quite subtle. Applied and woven patterns in designs of leaves or trellises, for example, create organic shapes that coordinate easily with patterns in other furnishings. Plus, having a carpet with a built-in pattern eliminates the need for an area rug. These new flooring products are changing the public’s perception of carpet as a foundation for showcasing other furnishings. It’s now an emerging possibility that carpet itself can be an interior focal point.

Multicolor Floor Coverings

Going along with the patterned carpet trend is a fresh multicolor carpet trend. Carpets with two or more shades are once again en vogue, now with more neutrals. Floral and lattice prints in white and gray or beiges with chocolate accents, for example, have been appearing on plush new carpet products this year. Carpets that appear to be a solid or slightly “heathered” color but feature many flecks of colors up close are also popular.

Vintage Looks

Two buzzwords for the 2010s in general are vintage and nostalgic and that hasn’t changed this fall. Throwback carpets that are tactile and familiar, like a nice shag carpet in cotton or wool, have experienced a major resurgence lately. Colors that seem to have a bit of an aged patina such as buttery tans or reddish tones feature strongly as well. Styles that appear “pre-worn” or “pre-faded” hold a certain appeal for those looking for a carpet that doesn’t seem too new.

Colossal Comfort

This is probably one of the flooring industry’s biggest trends at the moment. People are choosing comfort over fashion or finance. Many folks are willing to pay a little more for something a bit more touchable. Buyers seem to know now that comfortable choices such as memory foam carpet pads and ultra-soft natural fibers are well worth the investment.

When it comes to new carpet, whether you adhere to what’s trendy or follow your heart, we’ve got what you need in our warehouse off of GA 400. Come in and see us, trendsetter!