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Brad – I wanted to touch base with you to tell you that the carpet installation on my back porch went well.  Jacinto and his helper removed the old carpet and installed the new carpet in approximately 45 minutes on the day of installation.  That was some quick work – they made it look easy.  My wife is quite pleased with the way it looks and stated that the lighter color makes the porch look bigger.


Thank you for being so gracious about our issue.  Not only have you made me a loyal customer, you will get many referrals from me whenever my friend or acquaintances need carpet or flooring.


And by the way, if my house does not sell by Labor Day, I will be back to see you about my kitchen floor.  While we think it doesn’t look bad, we know it could be improved with some sort of hardwood or faux-hardwood floor.


Thanks so much for your attention.


AG, Duluth, GA