Current Carpet Trends

We get a lot of people coming into the store and asking what is “IN.”  There are lots of new styles, colors and more that are available on the market today but it does come down to personal choice.  We have a lot of customers who have had a great experience with a particular type of carpet but it might not be “IN.”  It might be a perfectly good piece of carpet and works for you but if you are considering resale you might want to go a different route to something that is more in today’s style.


Here are some trends for 2013 that are really popular among homes around Atlanta.


Interior Design With Carpet


Carpet has become a way for interior designers to use as a focal point when designing a room.  Typically designers would design around the carpet and now they are designing with carpet.  Consider choosing a really great pattern or bold color and then planning your home décor around it.  You will see more eccentric patterns and colors coming into play over the next few years.


Berber is In?


Berber is always a popular choice in carpet but today’s versions have more texture and patterns.  Their construction has even offered different sizes and effects.  The trend is to have neutral looking carpets and have design patterns and design that add endless possibilities.




A huge trend right now in the industry is layered color.  By having a carpet with a unique pattern and texture is not only a stylish choice but widely popular because it reduces vacuum marks.  Some popular patterns include:


  • Floral Patterns
  • Shapes
  • Trellises
  • And others




Neutral colors are still in style but adding bold colors can make a great splash to a room and if used wisely can be a focal point around your home décor.  Here are some other bold ideas to get things going:


Southern Rustic – This is one of our favorites.  Take it back a notch and give your room a rustic look inspiring a more slow moving world and a break from the day to day grind.  Fostering intimacy, warmth and relaxation the Southern Rustic looks will definitely bring you peace.  To achieve this look your are looking for warm earth tones like beige, brown, burnt orange and soft greens.  Patterns are essential with this look and you are looking for soft patterns like floral or shapes.


Modern Living – This look brings the modern era to your space.  Soft grays and “steel” looking colors will help you achieve this look.  We find that non-patterned carpet works best for this look although you might find a few patterns that work well.  If you live in Downtown Atlanta in a loft imagine bringing out the brick in your walls with a adobe carpet that compliments.  A lot you can do here to not only create great focal points but really accent your home décor.



Bright– Although often overlooked, bright colors are popular right now.  Bold floral patterns with bright pink and green can bring life to a living space.  Consider it in your dining room?  Finding a great antique looking dining table with color and adding a colorful rug can really offer a new ambiance to a dining room.


We hope some of these ideas have sparked some inspiration and hopefully you can find the perfect carpet for your home.


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