Choosing the Right Carpet For You

When you begin your search for the perfect carpet to compliment your home, there are some bases that you should become familiar with before you head out to look at samples.  The top questions to consider are; Do I understand the differences in the 4 main types of carpet fibers?  How much does it cost and what is my budget?  Where will this new carpet be placed within my home?  What kind of lifestyle do we live?  Do I prefer fitted or unfitted carpet?


Let’s begin with the four types of carpet fibers and the benefits and drawbacks to each of them.

  • WOOL Carpet – The carpet with the softest, most luxurious texture that natural fibers provide.  That being said, this is the most expensive carpet choice.  The main benefits of wool carpet include not only the feel, but it comes in an array of colors sure to compliment any room or home, it repels moisture and is very durable.  The drawbacks are that it is very hard to clean, while keeping the look.  Professional cleaners and bleaches will damage the fibers.  It is best to place this carpet in low traffic areas that are not prone to dirt and possible spills.
  • NYLON Carpet – Nylon fibers provide a pleasurable experience to the feet by being a soft and comfortable option.  It is also extremely durable and offers a high resistance to stains.  All of these pros suggest that nylon is an excellent option for high traffic areas such as living areas, hallways and stairs.  One caution point to note with nylon is that it is not a great option in areas prone to moisture.
  • POLYESTER Carpet – Polyester provides the same comfort and qualities of nylon, but attracts dirt.  It is not ideal for high traffic areas for this reason.
  • OLEFIN Carpet – Not the most pleasing to the comfort of the feet, but olefin fibers are extremely durable and moisture resistant making it an ideal candidate for bathrooms and basements.  This one is easy to clean folks!

Now that you know the carpet fiber basics, how much should you spend on carpet?

The main thing to remember when purchasing carpet is that cheap is not better.  Of course everyone wants a deal, but more often than not if you purchase cheap carpet it will most likely wear quickly and be more prone to dirt and stains.  This will result in replacing your carpet prematurely and another potentially costly investment.  Make sure you make a wise initial investment.

Where is this carpet going to be placed?

We discussed various pros and cons of carpet fibers above.  Make sure you determine if the carpet will be placed in high traffic areas, areas prone to dirt and spills, or moisture in making your decision.  Durability is important to ensure you get a full life out of your carpet.

Also, take a look at your lifestyle.  Do you have kids or pets?  Can you afford the upkeep of time and money to care for your carpet?  These are important questions to consider when determining your perfect carpet match.

Best of luck in your carpet hunting!