Choosing the Best Floors for Your Home

Finding the right floors shouldn’t be a chore! They aren’t just a surface for supporting our furniture. They’re also there to provide a comfortable place for us stand, sit, walk and play at home, to complement our favorite décor and to stand up to many years of general wear and tear. Because of the major role they play in the look and feel of your home, there are a number of things you should consider before you buy. You should devote some time researching flooring trends, Flooring Store Dawonsville materials and various flooring stores in your area. Here is some expert shopping advice from Flack’s to help you start…

The Questions You Should Ask (and Why)

  1. In which room will this floor be going?

Certain floor styles just aren’t intended for certain rooms. This is why carpet is rarely (if ever) seen in kitchens and hardwoods are rarely seen in basements. Think about where your floor is going and what kind of floor you need for that room’s function. For example, bathrooms need floors that can stand up to lots of moisture and cozy family rooms should have plush, ultra-comfortable carpet.

  1. What’s your lifestyle like?

Pet owners need flooring with different qualities than non-pet owners. Those that love cooking and gardening need floors that can hold their own against to water, dirt and mud. Think about your hobbies, your daily routine and your family. If you don’t expect you’ll have a lot of time for scrubbing and vacuuming, stain-resistant carpet or water-resistant tiles may be for you. If you’re ready to take on the responsibility of luxurious, comfortable carpeting or exotic hardwoods, we’ve got you covered!

  1. What’s your budget?

At Flack’s Flooring, we offer some of the best deals around on gorgeous indoor flooring and carpet so it’s easier to keep everything within your budget. That being said, there are some simple budgetary rules you can keep in mind while floor shopping. Rule 1: Natural materials like wool, stone and hardwood are almost always more expensive but they’re synthetic equivalents (nylon, LVT and engineered woods) can be just as good-looking as they are.

  1. What’s your furniture style of choice?

Don’t forget to take your interior design preferences into account. If you love modern décor, you’ll probably like a modern floor. If you like colorful furniture accessories, a colored Carpet Store Dawsonville or tiled floor could be the perfect foundation for your interior. If you like to change your interiors’ appearance often, a nice neutral tone will allow you to do so.