Choosing a Carpet Pad

Congratulations!  You have made it to the final stage of carpet buying.  Through your search, you have found the perfect color carpet with the perfect design or pattern, now it’s time to figure out what will essentially make your feet sing when they step foot on your newly installed carpet.  What is that missing, key element you may be asking yourself?  Carpet padding.  That’s right folks, the padding that you have underneath your carpet makes a huge impact in many areas such as comfort, longevity of wear and essentially the life of the carpet.  How do you make sure you choose the right padding for your carpet?  That’s simple – ask the experts!  That’s what we are here for, but let’s get you started with a few “must knows” about carpet padding.


Check the manufactures label.


The first order of business is that you check the manufacturers label to determine the recommended thickness.  This can be found in inch and pound density measurements.  The residential grade carpet recommendation differs from a Berber so make sure that you purchase the best padding to compliment your carpet.


Got Pets?


Check to ensure that the padding is both anti-microbial, has a moisture blocker included to discourage mildew, mold and bacteria growth.  Go ahead and take the time to do the research and protect your carpet and family from Fido’s accidents.  These characteristics make clean up on your carpet much easier and then essentially the padding resists the urine.  By providing the moisture/liquid blocking agent, the padding does not retain any trace of the urine preventing mold and mildew.


How’s the durability?


High-quality padding can truly mean years of longevity and wear.  Weigh the pros and cons of high density foams, rubbers and recycled materials that make up different paddings.


Added Bonus!!!  Advice for you….

Our advice to all of our customers:  Always go with the best padding that you can afford.  Up front, it will cost you very little when you take into account the extend life of the carpet you will receive.


Once again, come by and check out Flack’s Flooring and we can certainly assist you from start to finish with your carpet and padding selection.  We even have samples on hand to test in-store on our rolls of carpet!  How much easier can it get?  We look forward to working with you and giving you and your family “happy feet”!