Why Choose Flacks Installation Service

We’ll be the first to admit that selling carpet isn’t hard. After all, a quick dash into any big box carpet store will show you that. It’s great service and superior knowledge that separates the true professionals from the pretenders.

At Flack’s Flooring, we do much more than sell carpet. We’re real deal floor professionals. We have the experience and the concern for our customers to customize any floor. We’ve been installing carpet for about as long as we’ve been selling it – which is decades. When we install flooring, we do it all including moving out the furniture, cleaning the underfloor and laying out the carpet padding, then putting everything back when the job done.

When it’s time to hire a carpet installer, there are some key questions you should ask before letting someone into your home.

First ask them what their name is. This sounds like a simple question, right? Well, at many stores, particularly the big box stores, your salesperson has no idea who is coming to your house. Our employees are like our family and we prefer to introduce them to customers as such.

Secondly, ask whether or not the installers are insured. This is important if there is an accident, regardless of who is at fault. Our installers are fully insured.

Lastly, ask the installers specifically about how long they’ve been installing carpet. This answer will tell you how well the store and installers know each other. It will tell you something about the company culture and the work environment the company’s created. It will tell you if the store practices mutual cooperation between customer, store and installer.

At Flack’s Flooring we believe that mutual respect between customer, store, and installer is crucial to “selling carpet.” It’s the only way to do it. Our professional, insured installers have worked here for an average of seven years or more. We know them as individuals. We know their families because we made them part of ours. We match particular installers with particular jobs so that you can get the best results.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our installers are the key to Flack’s Flooring’s thriving repeat and referral business. They have been very important to our growth over the past 17 years and we treat them that way.

If you’re looking for installation experts that will take care of your new floors from the moment they load them up to take to your house to the moment you finally step onto them, our employees are who we’d recommend – even if we didn’t sell carpet!