New Carpets After Christmas

Many people put “keep a cleaner house” on their list of New Year’s resolutions. Once your home’s carpets have reached a certain point, however, no amount of cleaning can bring them back to their former luster. Normally, it is around the ten-year mark that vacuuming and more extreme measures like steam cleaning just don’t work like they used to. Having dingy carpets is not only irksome and untidy-looking. It’s unsanitary. Old carpets and carpet pads trap bacteria and allergens. We can help you pick out carpets that may even inspire you to keep your New Year’s resolution! If dirty carpets are making you wary, you might consider one of our Stainmaster lines. With these and many of the other brands we carry, you can enjoy a cleaner house after the chaos of the holiday season and soft, comfortable carpet around the house for at least another decade.

Each home has unique factors that determine when a carpet should be replaced. Kids and pets can accelerate the carpet-aging process, for example. Here are some tell-tale signs that will let you know whether or not new carpet is necessary…

  1. Age – We mentioned this already but we’re still making it the first item on the list! While different brands have different warranties and the more premium products will stay looking great longer, most carpeting and padding can’t outlive the ten year limit, especially not if it’s in a high traffic area. If your carpet seems worn or wrinkled, it’s time to start thinking about replacement.
  2. Rips and Tears – Any professional carpet installer should be able to repair small snags and rips. Gaping holes and gashes, however, show that a more drastic solution might be needed. Staircases and entries are most prone to ripping so their carpet may need to get replaced first.
  3. Stains and Odors – It’s easy to get a fresh stain out of new carpet. It’s nigh impossible to get an old, set-in stain out of old carpet. The same goes for odors. If you’re a pet owner or parent, you know accidents happen. From spilled juice to urine and worse, you’ve cleaned it all… or so you thought. The truth is all odor-carrying liquids can be absorbed into lower layers of carpets which may lead to mold issues or an unpleasant funk. Sometimes, replacement is the only way to bid the bad aromas adieus.
  4. Matting – Fluffy pile carpets lose their soft, springy texture over time. Daily traffic can cause the finest carpets to appear trampled or matted down. Regular cleaning helps with this and with everything we’ve listed but for a non-loop carpet, the problem is inevitable. Replacement is a surefire fix.

If you now think you might need new carpets, come shop our selection after Christmas this year. With new flooring, you’ll certainly have a very happy 2015!