Carpet Tiles in the Workplace


There are many flooring options available on the marketplace and we would like to take the time to outline some of the benefits of using Carpet Tiles in your place of business.


Easy Installation


Carpet Tiles are a great flooring option for easy installation.  While we always recommend that you seek a professional to install flooring (it is their job, afterall!), if you are a handy do it yourselfer, look into Carpet Tiles to fulfill your flooring needs.


Easy Replacement


We have all spilled a cup of coffee at the office while still waking up or burning the midnight oil.  Unfortunately, employees might not be as apt to clean the flooring or carpet as well as they might in their own home.  With Carpet Tiles, you can easily remove the section of carpet with the soil or stain and replace with a clean, fresh tile.  Ta Da!  In the snap of a finger, the carpet is just like new again!


Color Options and Design Options


Want to match your flooring to your company’s logo colors?  Own a facility or store that caters to children?  You might want to consider carpet tiles to add a splash of color!  With multiple colors and design options Carpet Tiles are a great options to personalize your workplace.


Large Area Cost Effectiveness


Going back to the first and second benefits, Carpet Tiles are a great option for large areas of space.  Whether it’s and office building, hospital, or concert venue, Carpet Tiles are great for the convenience of replacement due to high traffic and mishaps in large spaces.


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