Carpet Padding

What are some of the benefits to thick carpet padding?  This is a common question that we are asked on almost a daily basis when consumers are searching for new flooring options and leaning towards re-carpeting.  The padding is one of the most important elements to consider when replacing carpet.  Within the industry, you will often hear that the thicker the padding the better it makes the carpet.  This is both true and false.  The best way to put it is that you should choose the thickest padding recommended by the carpet manufacture.  For example, if you opt for the thickest padding on the market with a Berber carpet, you are likely prone to wrinkles and buckling.  Pick the right padding for your carpet and you will be able to enjoy these additional benefits!


Extend the Life


Buy purchasing the thickest padding recommended for your desired carpet.  You will be extending the life of your carpet.




Thicker padding adds the great benefit of thermal insulation.  Warm up your living space with a layer of thick, plush carpet padding.  The insulation could ultimately result in lower utility bills over time!


Maintenance Costs Lowered


When you have a thick padding layer under your carpet, clean up is easier.  Vacuuming naturally lifts the carpet and pulls unwanted particles from the fiber layers.  The additional cushioning also allows for easy steam cleaning due to its absorbency.


Cushion adds Perception of Luxury


This benefit is just simple.  Who doesn’t love to feel a soft, cushion feeling beneath their feet?  The thicker the padding, the more luxurious the feel!


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