Carpet That Lets Your Pets Be Pets

Why is the word “pet” at the end of the word “carpet” when it seems like these two concepts rarely get along? Some pet-related carpet problems you don’t have to worry about once your dog is past puppyhood or after your kitten becomes a housecat. Others such as shedding and odor are going to seem impossible to address if you’ve got the wrong kind of carpets!

Whether you’re tired of breaking your back trying to clean up after your pet or you’re thinking of adopting a “fur baby” for the first time, Stainmaster is one of the only top carpet brands that sells products designed specifically with pets in mind. We have a premium assortment of Stainmaster carpets on display in our Cumming showroom that are as stylish and comfortable as they easy to clean and maintain. Stainmaster’s carefully engineered Fiber Shield technology repels dirt and debris better than natural fibers alone which means that the carpet stays looking newer longer even with pets in the house.

Stainmaster’s PetProtect Line

The PetProtect line is the best of the best in terms of pet-friendly flooring. It actively resists stains and odor and easily releases hair. Plus it comes in lots of pretty styles. The built-in stain resistance of PetProtect products won’t wash off like a Scotchguard spray can. The carpet contains solution-dyed nylon polymers designed for inherent stain and fade resistance. That means you can use aggressive cleaners without fear of fading. Stainmaster PetProtect manufacturing makes use of proprietary chemistries that reduce the force of attraction between pet hair and the carpet, allowing the hair to be more easily removed with normal vacuuming. Fluffy breeds are no match for this technology! When you purchase PetProtect cushioning along with Stainmaster carpet, you’ll also be armed with a breathable moisture barrier that helps prevent spills (and smells) from penetrating your subfloor.

Protects Against Kids, Too!

Stainmaster carpet makes stains come up easily and carpet cleaners work extremely well on their products. This means you can rest assured your floors are protected against messy kids and not just animals. From dirt and mud to juice and craft supplies, quickly removing all evidence of a potential stain is a breeze. Stainmaster’s color safe, non-absorbent fibers are just the stuff to put your carpet care worries at ease.

Complete Comfort for Feet and Paws

Some people don’t think stain resistance and softness can go together but that’s far from true. Stainmaster products are typically soft and touchable as they are stain resistant. Comfortable carpet is great for family rooms, bedrooms and anywhere you might want to hang out on the floor. The four-legged members of your family will notice too. With well-cushioned carpeting, they won’t be as tempted to jump on the sofa!

Don’t sit around worrying about all the ways cats, dogs and people can damage carpeting. Relax, call Flack’s!