The Best Carpet for Kids and Pets

When purchasing carpet for any area in your home, stain resistance is very important especially if you have kids and pets to consider! Stain resistance can mean many different things when purchasing carpet. Here is a quick summary of stain resistance and carpeting:

Inherent Stain Resistance – Carpet that has inherent stain resistance is made with a fiber that does not absorb liquids. The best inherently stain resistant carpets come with a stain treatment on them as well to help prevent any stains from absorbing into your carpet.

Stain Resistance Treatments – All carpet is ultimately a fiber. When treated with a stain treatment, whether it is a stain resistant fiber or not, the carpet is better equipped to repel stains. There are 2 different types of stain treatments: topical and whole fiber. A stain treatment that bathes the entire fiber and backing is known as “whole fiber” and it’s the best type on the market. Topical stain treatment just treats the tips of the fiber. This type of stain treatment wears off pretty quickly and is not a quality product for the long-term.

The better the stain treatment on your carpet and the less oil that is used in the manufacturing process, the better your carpet will repel dirt and the less dirt will be able to build up – extending the life of your carpet fibers and the look of your carpet even through spills and cleanings. Three great brands of stain resistance carpets we carry at Flacks are SmartStrand, Stainmaster and Scotchgard Protector…

SmartStrand – SmartStrand’s built-in stain and soil resistance will NEVER wear or wash off because it’s not sprayed on. Its superior durability and softness offers parents and pet parents peace of mind and comfort. It’s easy to clean with water or mild detergent, not harsh chemicals, and it’s environmentally friendly, because it’s manufactured using renewable resources.

StainmasterAt Flacks Flooring, we carry a premium assortment of Stainmaster carpets in our vast carpet selection. Stainmaster carpets are super easy to clean and maintain. There’s more to Stainmaster than its stain resistance, however. There’s also style, durability and comfort to speak of.

Scotchgard Protector – Over 55 years ago, 3M made a discovery that captured America’s attention: Scotchgard Protector. Consumers were fed up with fads and ready for a long-term solution to help keep their fabrics looking good longer. The revolutionary stain repellent was instantly embraced and is now one of the most trusted brands in stain protection. Back then, people were impressed with how the unique formula repelled stains and prevented damage. As the company continues to innovate, Scotchgard users are still impressed.