Product Spotlight – Phenix Flooring

One of Flack’s Floorings most featured brands is Phenix Flooring carpet and hard surfaces. Based in Dalton, Georgia, Phenix has become a leading manufacturer of residential carpet. Using innovative technology, they create only premium P.E.T and nylon carpets with durability, value, and excellent warranties. As one of our top brands, we wanted to feature some of our favorite Phenix products our customers are sure to love. Carpet Specials Riverside   Riverside is a popular seller due to its extra soft texture. Each color is inspired by our favorite spots in nature, making any of its 27 color choices neutral enough.. Read More

Trend Highlight – White or Whitewashed Wood Floors

When choosing new hard surface floors for the home we often think of functionality, durability, and cleanliness. We don’t often consider the design aspect of the floors and the versatility they can offer. White flooring has recently come back into trend, specifically for its minimalist quality and clean aesthetic. But, how practical are they? Here are some of the pros and cons you should consider if you are interested in this latest floor trend. Pros of White Floors White floors are known to pair well with modern decor, but depending on how rustic the grain is, they can really go.. Read More

Unique Flooring Options for Your Mid Century Modern Home

Our creative and talented Sales Specialist Brooke was recently invited to the Phenix Insight Design Council to discuss current market trends with fellow representatives. One of the biggest trends they discussed was mid-century modern designs. Popular between the 1930’s and 1960’s, mid-century modern decor was defined by its minimalism, clean lines, and geometric patterns. In 2019, it is making a huge comeback among the millennial generation, and we want to give a few unique flooring options that might match with this style. Ceramic Tile As mentioned previously, mid-century modern focuses heavily on clean geometric patterns. Ceramic tile often comes in.. Read More

Which is Better for You? Light or Dark Hardwoods?

While there are plenty of current flooring trends on the market, an age-old debate for many hardwood buyers is choosing between dark or light woods. Both have great advantages as well as some disadvantages, but picking out a hardwood stain is really just a matter of personal preference. Consider these factors if you are having trouble choosing. Design Darker woods often provide a richer tone to a room and can become a statement against neutral walls and furniture. The dark color also emphasizes the wood’s natural grain, making it feel more luxurious and expensive. On the other hand, lighter woods.. Read More

Choosing the Right Outdoor Rug

Summer weather is approaching fast, and with the heat comes days by the pool, weekends at the lake, and barbecues on the patio. Outdoor spaces need to be cleaned and spruced up to make room for all of those summer activities. Give your patio or porch a whole new look with a special outdoor rug. Here are few things to consider before making your purchase. Size Patios, decks, or porches tend to be more oddly shaped and less predictable than indoor spaces. You have to pay attention to the architecture surrounding the building, including pillars and columns, fireplaces, and stairs… Read More

How to Protect Your Hard Surface Floors During a Move

Moving is a stressful process for everyone, and we often worry about damaging our furniture, valuables, and floors. Heavy objects can easily scratch and dent new hard surface floors, leaving you with something else to fix. Take these precautions when moving out and in of your home. Don’t Drag Your Furniture Couches, accent chairs, and tables are usually pretty heavy and require someone strong to lift them. If you are unable to do so, do not drag or push your furniture across the floor. This will leave large streak marks on your floors that can be hard to remove. Instead,.. Read More

Things to Consider When Choosing a Basement Floor

Basements are endless possibilities and can be used for pretty much anything. They are great for bonus rooms, game rooms, laundry and storage space, and additional living areas. Whether you are looking to complete an unfinished basement or remodel your already-finished basement, there are certain aspects to keep in mind before buying new floors. Below Grade The word grade means ground-level in construction terms, and below-grade means any area underneath the base of the home, like the basement. Because of this factor, basements can be prone several different issues. When researching potential new basement floors, be sure it is clearly.. Read More

Is Your Carpet Looking a Bit “Sheepish?” Replace it with Wool Carpet!

Carpet choices are really endless. There are so many carpet fibers, pile heights, and colors to consider, but wool carpet has proven to be one of the most durable and environmentally conscious choices available. Consider these benefits when searching for the perfect new carpet What is Wool Carpet? Before diving into the overall benefits, it is important to understand what wool carpet is and where it comes from. Wool fiber is constructed from sheep furs. Every 9 to 12 months, sheep need to be shorn during the spring and summer months. The production for turning that wool into carpet is.. Read More

The Best Commercial Flooring for Different Businesses

Is your establishment in need of new flooring? With so many options on the market now, it can be hard to narrow down the best options available to you. Plus, there are several factors to consider for your environment such as foot traffic, maintenance, colors, and durability. Here are some of our suggestions for commercial floors in different types of businesses. Apartment Complex/Property Management In today’s world, new luxury apartment complexes are springing up everywhere, and old ones are in constant need of repair. Often times, one tenant is enough to destroy a cheaper hard surface or carpeted floor, so.. Read More

Flack’s Flooring Expands the Showroom

  You and your family just bought a new house that needs a few upgrades. In particular, the floors are quite old and need a full-scale remodel in almost every room. Lowes and Home Depot have decent selection, but even after taking home all those small samples, you can’t seem to visualize how it will look and feel in your home. Floors are a big investment, and you don’t want to waste all that time and money, only to hate them in the end. Our team at Flack’s Flooring recently took on its biggest remodel as well. We understand the.. Read More

The Flack’s Guide to Different Hardwood Species

Imagine – it is your first time getting new hardwood floors in your home. The overwhelming amount of choices, stains, and species is prolonging your renovation, and you have no idea what the difference is between a cherry wood or a an oak wood. We want to ease your mind at Flack’s by providing you with a comprehensive list of popular wood choices and the pros and cons to each, so you can make a more informed decision! Cherry  – One of the more popular woods, Cherry can be expensive but beautiful. Despite being a softer hardwood, it has great.. Read More

Save Time With These Spring Cleaning Tips

As the weather warms up and spring time approaches, it is time for the dreaded task of spring cleaning. For many people, this is the time to really deep clean your home and declutter your things. You’ll want to empty out those closets and attic spaces, all the while asking yourself, “does this spark joy?” Then, you’ll move on to really sanitizing and cleaning every inch of your house, from the bathrooms to the basement. We know it can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large house and a lot of stuff. While Flack’s can’t exactly help.. Read More