Solid Wood VS Engineered Wood

When beginning the hunt for new flooring, it is very easy to be quickly overwhelmed by the seemingly endless options. Here we hope to provide you with a short abbreviation of todays most sought after types of hardwood flooring. The two main types of “hardwood” flooring options are Solid Wood Hardwoods and Engineered Wood Hardwoods. Let’s start with Solid Wood Hardwoods. They are exactly as their name suggests, solid wood boards that are comprised of 100% solid wood throughout. The individual planks can vary in thickness as well as width. The range typically varies between 18-20 mm in thickness. Solid.. Read More

Flacks Flooring Gives Back

 Flack’s Flooring donates carpet tile to local elementary schools. Monday afternoon Angel, Ryan, and Cory loaded up the truck with carpet tiles and headed out to 3 local Elementary schools. They visited Sawnee Elementary, Brookwood Elementary, and Johns Creek Elementary schools. I think the guys enjoyed the giving as much as the teachers appreciated the carpet tiles. Check out the attached pictures.

Flacks Moved!

We recently moved to our new location. Check out out our installers finishing carpet tile in the new showroom.

Before and After Carpet Tile Pictures

Check out this great testimonial and before and after shot of our latest Carpet Tile Job! “We came to the warehouse and purchased carpet tile for our kid’s playroom. Check out the before and after pictures. The tiles look and feel awesome. Thanks for everything.” -Bill C., Atlanta Before After

Great Stairway Carpet!

Check out this carpet we just installed at a client’s house. Great Choice!

All About Carpet Tile Flooring

Are you in the market for new carpet for either your home or commercial office space? Introduce yourself to the innovative design of carpet tile. Carpet tile is exactly as it’s name suggests; square pieces of carpet that are laid side by side to create a partial or fully carpeted room. Who are the ideal candidates for carpet tile? The quick, easy answer is everyone! Do you have children that walk around with sippy cups that have proven in the past not to be the acclaimed “spill-proof”? Does your adorable, furry pet have occasional accidents? Have you ever seen a.. Read More

Choosing the Right Carpet For You

When you begin your search for the perfect carpet to compliment your home, there are some bases that you should become familiar with before you head out to look at samples.  The top questions to consider are; Do I understand the differences in the 4 main types of carpet fibers?  How much does it cost and what is my budget?  Where will this new carpet be placed within my home?  What kind of lifestyle do we live?  Do I prefer fitted or unfitted carpet?   Let’s begin with the four types of carpet fibers and the benefits and drawbacks to.. Read More

Carpet Tiles After Flooding

Want to see why you should choose Carpet Tiles.  Watch this video….

Choosing a Professional Carpet Installer

Selling carpet is easy. Just ask the big box stores about that. It’s customizing the carpet in your home that separates the true professionals from the pretenders. Here are a couple of questions to ask your carpet company about their installers: 1. What are their names? This sounds like a simple question, right? Wrong. At many stores, particularly the big box stores, your salesperson has no idea who is coming to your house. 2. Are the installers insured? This is important if there is an accident, regardless of who is at fault. 3. How long have the installers worked here?.. Read More

What is Carpet Tile

Commercial carpet tiles are the longest lasting, most environmentally friendly carpet option on the market today. Our goal is simple. Offer the highest quality carpet tiles at the lowest possible price. That’s all we do. Our inventory of discount carpet tiles is kept up to the minute. You can buy with confidence. If we say we have it, we do! All carpet tile square orders will ship the next business day unless requested otherwise. Please shop our large inventory of discount carpet tiles. Visit Carpet Tile Warehouse Now

How to Measure Your Home for Carpet

How much carpet do I need? How do I calculate square yards or square feet? These are questions we hear every day at Flack’s Flooring. When shopping for carpet, we recommend the customer get out of the dark and into the light. Measure your house! It will help you get comfortable with the carpet purchasing process. You can always have a professional check your measurements later. Step 1: Measure your house! Step 2: Choose from our large in stock selection of discount carpet rolls and remnants. Step 3: We do the rest. Professional carpet installation, cash and carry, or shipping.

Why Choose Carpet Depot Decatur

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