Learn About the Different Carpet Styles

When shopping for carpet sometimes it can become overwhelming all the different types of styles.  Flacks Flooring has come up with this guide to help you when choosing carpet for your home or space.   Cable Carpet Cable carpet is made of nubby, chunky yarns.  It has great performance and is luxurious and soft.  Frieze Frieze carpet is where the fibers are twisted tightly and it provides an informal look.  It reduces impressions on the carpet like footprints and vacuum marks. Loop Loop carpet is a casual look.  It is well suited for areas in your home that receive a.. Read More

Flacks Flooring Teams Up with Abbahouse

Flacks Flooring teamed up with Abbahouse, a non profit in Georgia that helps bring healing to shattered lives through the grace of Christ.. Flacks Flooring donated carpeting to an entire “Abba House” to provide flooring for this home.  Owner Brad Flack said, “Anyway we can give back to such a great cause and through the grace of Christ, we are happy to do so.” Please take a moment to visit Abbahouse.com to learn more about them, their mission and how you can help. Simply put, the mission of Abba House is to bring healing to shattered lives through the grace of Christ… Read More

Thinking Ahead. Thinking Green.

Environmentally-friendly EcoChoice Flooring now available at Flacks Flooring.   Atlanta, GA — 01/30/13  Flacks Flooring today announced that the residents, interior designers and builders of Atlanta, Georgia will now have access to a phenomenal new collection of recyclable carpet called EcoChoice® Flooring for residential and commercial use. “We are pleased to announce that Flacks Flooring is now offering a carpet that can be recycled into new carpet. For over20 years, we have been a leading retailer of fine floor coverings in Atlanta, GA and we believe it is now our responsibility to become a leader in offering environmentally friendly and.. Read More

Help! My carpet is FRAYING!!!

We’ve all been there… had that pesky area on your carpet that has been worn or mysteriously damaged by the dog or kids and it is now fraying.  What do you do now?  Does that mean you have to invest in a new house of carpet?  Is there a way that it can be fixed or at the very least prevented from further fraying?  These are all excellent questions that we hear more often than not.  Below, you will find some solutions and options to assist in resolving the pesky problem of carpet fraying.   New Carpet   The first.. Read More

Carpet Padding

What are some of the benefits to thick carpet padding?  This is a common question that we are asked on almost a daily basis when consumers are searching for new flooring options and leaning towards re-carpeting.  The padding is one of the most important elements to consider when replacing carpet.  Within the industry, you will often hear that the thicker the padding the better it makes the carpet.  This is both true and false.  The best way to put it is that you should choose the thickest padding recommended by the carpet manufacture.  For example, if you opt for the.. Read More

Carpet Tiles in the Workplace

  There are many flooring options available on the marketplace and we would like to take the time to outline some of the benefits of using Carpet Tiles in your place of business.   Easy Installation   Carpet Tiles are a great flooring option for easy installation.  While we always recommend that you seek a professional to install flooring (it is their job, afterall!), if you are a handy do it yourselfer, look into Carpet Tiles to fulfill your flooring needs.   Easy Replacement   We have all spilled a cup of coffee at the office while still waking up.. Read More

New Carpet Preparation

The month of November brings the official beginning of the holiday season.  Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas to name a few.  The holidays are right around the corner and your family and friends will be arriving before you know it!  At the top of my preparation check-list is to replace my embarrassing flooring and it just might be at the top of yours if your carpets look as dingy and helpless as mine.  In a previous post, we reviewed some of the most frequent reasons to replace your flooring, some of which included: Inability for a professional carpet cleaner to remove.. Read More

Carpet Tiles are the New Wave of the Future!

With many flooring options available in the marketplace today, we thought it was important to showcase and highlight the many benefits of carpet tiles within the office space.  From the vast variety of colors and design to the quick replacement if an area is soiled or damaged, carpet tiles will quickly be one of your best invest decisions.   Variety of Design Options – At Carpet Tile Warehouse we stock a variety of carpet tiles to suit all your designing needs.  If you are looking for a neutral solid, we have it.  If you are looking for color options, possibly.. Read More

Is It Time for New Carpet?

One of the most frequently asked questions in the flooring industry has to be,  “How do I know when it’s time to replace my carpet?”  There are many subjective answers to this loaded question.  When it comes down to it, some are need based and some are based on wants.  Over the years, we have seen carpet that has been worn down to the padding (or what’s left of it) due to high volume walking traffic as well as carpet that was simply stained and an eye sore in the minds of the owner.  Each situation constituted a want or.. Read More

The Truth about WHY to Professionally Carpet Clean

Extend the Life of Your Carpet Investment When you buy a house or purchase new carpet, it should be a priority to maintain the cleanliness that comes along with your new investment.  Naturally, there will be spills and dust will accumulate.  It is advised by most carpet showrooms to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least one time per year.  One main reason is that dirt and grime wears and tears at the individual fibers that make up the chosen fibers.  Over time if the carpet is not properly cared for with professional cleaning there is the potential for “wear.. Read More

Ribbon cutting ceremony for Flack’s Flooring new North Atlanta location

CUMMING, GA – Flack’s Flooring recently held its ribbon cutting ceremony for its new location at 5750 Georgia Highway 400, formerly Cherokee Music (the place with the large pink panthers out front). Local dignitaries that attended the ceremony included James McCoy, President & CEO, Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce; Ralph Perry, City Councilman, City of Cumming; and John D. Pugh, City Councilman, City of Cumming. The recently renovated building features a new retail showroom as well as a huge warehouse space where customers can walk through and view the inventory. Flack Flooring has combined all of its flooring offerings into.. Read More

Stained Carpet 101

To expand the life of your carpet, it is important to take the proper care to protect and clean your investment.  When it comes to stain removal, there are a lot of tricks of the trade.  It is key to understand the type of stain that you are dealing with, if possible, and its composition to ultimately remove the stain.  Below is a quick guide to the most commonly asked questions of how to remove a variety of carpet stains. Once the stain has been identified, take the first steps to remove all solids and blot with a clean cloth.. Read More