Is Your Carpet Looking a Bit “Sheepish?” Replace it with Wool Carpet!

Carpet choices are really endless. There are so many carpet fibers, pile heights, and colors to consider, but wool carpet has proven to be one of the most durable and environmentally conscious choices available. Consider these benefits when searching for the perfect new carpet

What is Wool Carpet?

Before diving into the overall benefits, it is important to understand what wool carpet is and where it comes from. Wool fiber is constructed from sheep furs. Every 9 to 12 months, sheep need to be shorn during the spring and summer months. The production for turning that wool into carpet is much more natural and environmentally aware than many synthetic carpets.


Because of its inherit crimp factor, wool fibers are quite resilient, meaning it keeps its shape. Many carpets will flatten and wear down over time, but wool has a nice bounce back that keeps it looking new for years. In fact, wool carpets have been known to last for decades if maintained and cleaned properly.

Stain and Fire Resistant

In addition to its durability, wool fibers are stain and dirt resistant. Due to its microscopic scales and natural oils, grime and spills have a hard time adhering to the fiber. These oils, combined with its high protein content, also makes wool flame retardant. When ignited, the fibers will burn slowly and weakly, preventing the fire from spreading rapidly.


Whether you live in an extremely cold client or extremely warm client, wool carpet is a great solution to reduce your heating and air conditioning bill. Just like it keeps sheep warm in the winter, wool is an insulator, meaning it regulates temperatures. This energy friendly fiber actually limits the amount of heat or cool air from the outside into your home.


Above all else, wool has a soft and luxurious feel. Combined with it’s durability and spring factor, that comfortable feel won’t go away so easily. Plus, the natural sheen of the fibers make wool just as beautiful and elegant as it is plush.

All things considered, wool is a great option many lifestyles. Those homes with high traffic or bad insulation may want to consider this type of carpet. Flack’s Flooring carries a few wool carpet options, like the Karastan Woolston Plaid featured above. Our sales associates would be happy to tell you more about each one, so visit the showroom today to see our full selection.