Best Bedroom Flooring Options

As the first thing your feet touch in the morning and the last thing they touch as you get into bed each night, your bedroom flooring should be comfortable, durable, and attractive. If you are choosing new bedroom flooring, you’ll also want to take your bedroom’s traffic level, your budget, and your bedroom decor into consideration.


Carpet is available in a nearly endless range of colors, patterns, piles, loops, weaves, tufts, and materials. It provides texture and tactile comfort, creating a sense of luxury, while also protecting cold toes on chilly mornings. It also insulates your bedroom against a certain level of heat loss while isolating it from outside noises, making it easier to sleep at night. The major drawbacks to bedroom carpeting are that it is prone to staining, difficult to keep it clean, and it retains dust and microbial organisms which negatively affect air quality.While some carpets may be initially less expensive than other flooring choices, it also has a shorter lifespan, so will need to be replaced regularly.


Hardwoods are available in a variety of stains, species(some of the most popular are ash, walnut, oak, and maple), types (solid which are solid wood from top to bottom or engineeredwhich are manufactured using three to nine layers of different wood veneers), and styles (strips or planks). Most hardwood floors have little or no insulation, which means they can be very noisy and they do not provide much heat insulation.


Modern vinyl flooring can make quite the fashionable flooring statement. Available in sheets, tiles, or planks, versatile vinyl can mimic the look of nearly any material, pattern, or color, including wood, stone, ceramic, marble, and slate. When combined with underlayment padding, vinyl can also insulate a bedroom similar to carpet. When properly installed and cared for this type of flooring can last from 10-20 years.

Area Rugs

Combine the best of both worlds by adding area rugs to your hard surfaced bedroom flooring. Add them near your bed to protect your feet from getting cold and place them in higher traffic areas of your room to protect from wear and tear. At Flack’s we can design your personalized rugs from a nearly endless array of sizes, colors, patterns, weaves, and materials—in as little as 2 weeks!

Shop Flacks for Your Bedroom Flooring

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