New Arrivals: Rugs and Pillows from Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines

Guided by an appreciation for the perfect accent piece and artisanal craftsmanship, the Magnolia Home line of rugs and pillows is designed and curated by Joanna Gaines—reflecting her preference for simple and fresh, yet timeless style.


The Magnolia Home Rug Process

The intricate production process begins when Indian artisans receive completely raw bundles of natural fiber which is carded, hand spun, and fed into a foot-controlled drive wheel. Using bamboo sticks or metal rods, the artisans then dip the fiber into boiling vats of dye, rotating to evenly coat every strand, before hanging the yarn to dry it in the sun. The skilled artisans then incorporate a variety of weaving techniques to create a beautiful finished product.

“I love that these rugs are more than just home decor pieces—they’re a way of life for the artisans living and working in these communities.”

“One of my favorite things about my rug line is that these pieces are made with so much rich history and tradition. Each individual collection is crafted using a different technique.”—Joanna Gaines

Tips for Choosing an Area Rug

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect rug for your home:

  • Size: Consider how your room is used, how the furniture is arranged, where the rug will be placed, and the traffic patterns when choosing an area rug. Don’t go too big (will look like wall-to-wall carpeting) or too small (will fail to make the room inviting). If you are working with a large area, you may want to consider using multiple rugs rather than a single rug to define your space.
  • Color:An arearug doesn’t need to match your furnishings but it should complement your room’s tones and textures.
  • Material:. Many people think that synthetic rugs wear out quickly, but polypropylene and polyester are actually extremely durable and stain resistant, whereas silk and cotton are a bit more fragile and should be avoided in areas that see a lot of heavy foot traffic.
  • Personal Style:The most important consideration when buying an area rug is finding one that pleases you every time you look at it.

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Inspired by Joanna Gaines’ fresh yet timeless aesthetic, Magnolia Home rugs and pillows bring a casual charm to any room. Come to Flacks and shop our amazing selection today!