All About Carpet Tile Flooring

Are you in the market for new carpet for either your home or commercial office space? Introduce yourself to the innovative design of carpet tile. Carpet tile is exactly as it’s name suggests; square pieces of carpet that are laid side by side to create a partial or fully carpeted room.

Who are the ideal candidates for carpet tile? The quick, easy answer is everyone! Do you have children that walk around with sippy cups that have proven in the past not to be the acclaimed “spill-proof”? Does your adorable, furry pet have occasional accidents? Have you ever seen a glass of red wine fall in slow motion onto your white carpet like the movies? Each one of these examples are sure to make you cringe and your first thought is most likely, “what’s the best way to remove this stain from my carpet?” With carpet tile, clean up is as easy as removing the tile with the soiled area and replacing it with a new tile of the same design. Many individuals that purchase carpet tile for their flooring needs, purchase additional inventory of the same design to replace high traffic areas and any stains. This will save you money in the long run!

Carpet tile is an ideal option for any home or business due to the variety of style options and its ease of installation and replacement. When it comes to style and design, there is sure to be a carpet tile look that you are trying to achieve. Carpet tile comes in a vast variety of colors, designs and types of carpet. They make a great option to all you to express your own personal style! Along with the carpeted top being high quality, the backing is just as solid. Each tile has a heavy duty backing to ensure the best possible durability and deters fraying or unraveling of the fibers making carpet tile a great option for those who are looking to make their investment in carpet a lasting option. For example, carpet tiles have been used for years by hospitals, airports and other high traffic venues. This is due to their quality and durability. Typically, tiles have either a self-adhesive backing or will require a couple strips of double-sided carpet tape. This allows for either a professional or a novice to install carpet tile flooring.

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