The Flacks Flooring Team

About Flacks Flooring

flacksflooringnewFlacks Flooring – Cumming opened in 1993 in the Old Matt Schoolhouse on Bannister Rd. At the time we sold new and used carpets. Contractors and rental property owners soon found us to be a great source for carpet, whether it was for one room or a whole house.

Throughout the 90s we continued to add products that we stocked, like vinyl, hardwoods, and laminate floors. In addition to stocking these products, we were also expanding our installer network to be able to install these  products.

During this time of expansion, customers found Flacks Flooring – Cumming a great resource for new flooring and installation for not only rental properties but also their primary residence.

In 2001, Flacks Flooring – Cumming moved from the Old Matt Schoolhouse to our current location on Ga. Hwy 400. This allowed us to expand our inventory and services. At the time we moved into our new location, our buying power was to the point that we could purchase new carpet close to the price of used. At that point we discontinued selling used carpet and focused on new carpet, vinyl, hardwoods and laminate floors.

Flacks Flooring – Cumming’s growth has always been about changing and adapting to our customer’s needs. One thing, however, will never change. We value every customer, and you’ll know it the minute you walk in the door.