8 Signs It’s Time for New Floors

Picking out new floors is exciting! Deciding when it’s time to pick out new flooring, however, can be confusing. Just relax – Flack’s is here to help.

Over time, every floor wears out. Typically, after many years of use, replacing the old carpet, vinyl or hardwood with a new flooring product is the easiest way to get beautiful, clean floors in your home again. Here are 8 reasons to start shopping for new floors in the Flack’s showroom ASAP.

  1. Your carpets have a smell that won’t go away.

Don’t become accustomed to odors. Eliminate them! Some odor-carrying substances can be absorbed into carpet. When this happens and even serious deodorizers and advanced cleaning equipment can’t stop the stink, it’s time for fresh floors. Switching from carpet to hardwood or luxury vinyl may prevent future funkiness.

  1. The stains on your floor are stuck there for good.

Stains happen – especially with kids and pets afoot. Unfortunately, the longer the stain’s been there, the less likely it is that it’s going to go away. If you’ve got more than a couple of small stains, it may be time to stop scrubbing and start carpet shopping. We always recommend Stainmaster brand carpet to families that are especially spill-prone.

  1. You’ve had the same carpet or carpet pad for 10+ years.

With strict maintenance, you may be able to squeeze some additional years out of them. Still, general wear and tear is inevitable, particularly in high traffic areas. If your carpet seems worn or wrinkled, replacement may be the fix.

  1. Your carpets appear to be dingy or matted – even after cleaning!

Daily foot traffic will eventually make any carpet look thinner and dirtier. Once the soft fluffiness is really gone and the dinginess sets in, you know it’s time for something new.

  1. Your allergies won’t let up.

There are medical reasons to change your flooring, too! Old carpets and carpet padding trap bacteria and allergens including dust, pollen and pet dander. For those with extra sensitive noses, we recommend ditching carpet and going for less absorbent flooring such as LVT.

  1. Your floors are tearing or disconnecting from the subfloor.

You may think that a bit of carpet curling up in the corner or a loose floorboard is easily repaired but these are often side effects of underlying issues such as fiber weakening and hardwood warping. These problems require some serious out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new measures.

  1. Your floors are the wrong style.

Sometimes, the only thing wrong with a home’s flooring is its aesthetic. We carry a wide variety of colors, textures and materials so you can find what’s right for your interior style and your lifestyle.

  1. You’re looking to sell.

Ratty-tatty carpets are a HUGE turn off to potential buyers. Replacing your carpet before putting your home on the market just makes sound financial sense.

If any of these signs perfectly describe your current flooring situation, come see us in Cumming to discover all the new flooring possibilities now at your disposal!