Flack’s Flooring Expands the Showroom


You and your family just bought a new house that needs a few upgrades. In particular, the floors are quite old and need a full-scale remodel in almost every room. Lowes and Home Depot have decent selection, but even after taking home all those small samples, you can’t seem to visualize how it will look and feel in your home. Floors are a big investment, and you don’t want to waste all that time and money, only to hate them in the end.

Our team at Flack’s Flooring recently took on its biggest remodel as well. We understand the pains and hardships of choosing the right flooring for your home, and wanted to provide a solution to those.

Two years ago we decided to turn our warehouse area full of carpet rolls into small vignettes that featured carpet specials with an all-inclusive price. Each special was laid over a particular type of padding, so you could walk on it and feel how it would feel in your home before making a big purchase.

This strategy really resonated with your customers, and it made them feel more comfortable purchasing carpet that they could visualize, rather than using tiny samples as a reference for an entire room. Flack’s took this concept and ran with it even further.

In January, we started making plans to expand our specials to hard surface flooring. After much hard work and dedication from our sales team, warehouse team, and installers, we were able to bring you 12 new floor vignettes. Now our customers will be able to walk on some of our best Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl, and Laminate Brands and purchase them for one price that includes furniture removal, quarter round, and installation. We hope this will help your floor shopping experience even more and guide you to make a decision that is right for you and your family.

Watch the progress we made in the video above, and check out our sales team’s special recommendations in our previous blogs. Thank you for always support our business, and contact us with any questions or comments you may have.