10 Reasons to Buy from Flacks

We’ve got 10 reasons you should make Flacks your new floors headquarters.

1. We’ve got excellent service. Our staff can answer any floor-related question you throw at them, and they’re happy to do so! They’ll help you find your way around the store and when it’s time to make a purchase they can guide you through the delivery process and the installation process.

2. We have a huge selection. We have every kind of carpet you can imagine from discount carpets to name brands, from all natural wool and cotton to stain-resistant synthetics. We also have hardwoods, tiles and laminates.

3. We have a quality selection. Not only is our selection huge, it also includes some of the best known flooring brands and most comfortable carpet products out there!

4. We carry everything you need. We don’t just sell the top layer of flooring that everyone will see… we sell the carpet pads and all the other materials you need to install a comfy, cozy new floor.

5. Our prices are competitive. Because of our long history of buying carpet, we get deals our competitors can’t.

6. We’ll help you install. We’ll install any product we sell and, since we’re a one stop shop for all flooring needs, we make it affordable. There’s no need to hire a contractor to lay out hardwoods! We’ll do it shortly after you pick them out and we’ll do it right.

7. We work quickly. When it comes to installation, we’re very efficient. For a carpet install, the whole process rarely takes more than one day, excluding the time it might take to get the carpet to lay flat.

8. We’re experienced experts! We’ve been doing what we do for over 20 years, expanding and adapting along the way. No matter what your flooring issue is, chances are we’re familiar with it. We’ve heard it all from exotic pet problems to crazy kid-related accidents. We’ll have a solution to whatever carpet, hardwood or vinyl dilemma you have.

10. We value every customer. Whether you need floors for your whole house, a warehouse-sized space, a bathroom or just a little patch to cover a stain, we’ll treat you well, with the same professional courtesy as anyone else.